The Ritual Protection of the Home

We all know about lucky horseshoes (but why are they lucky?) and many people have a special stone, often with a hole through it, that they feel is a useful item to keep on the kitchen window-sill.

WITCHES horseshoe DR Janet PenningtonOur ancestors used many of these and other objects to protect themselves and their animals from harm, or to bring good luck to their homes and families. Witches were to be feared in earlier times and anyone, male or female, convicted of witchcraft in England would have been hanged (not burnt at the stake – this is a common misconception).


Witches, Warlocks summary talk Dr Janet PenningtonThis talk examines some of the ways people in the past protected themselves and their homes from evil. Protective items will also be on display and can be handled. There will hopefully be no witches or warlocks present, but a wellington may appear.

Do bring your own special object to the talk, if you feel you can leave your home unprotected for a few hours…

Witches talk Janet Pennington

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