Janet Pennington
Articles, Essays & Booklets – 1983-2018


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[Forthcoming, 2018 ‘A Medieval Bridge Chapel at Bramber, Sussex’.

Articles published in Steyning Museum Newsletter, list available on request

Articles published in Lancing College Magazine, list available on request

 Article by W. A. Heasman & J. Pennington

‘Aunt Lizzie’s Story – a description of Annington, Kingston Buci and Steyning in the nineteenth century’, West Sussex History, 73, (Spring, 2004), pp.32-37

Articles by J. Pennington & P. Platt

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Article by Janet Pennington & Richard Mayne

‘Wiston House’ (c.2004) [Based on research by Janet Pennington and excerpted from In Victory, Magnanimity, In Peace, Goodwill: a History of Wilton Park by Richard Mayne, (2003)]

Articles by J. Pennington  & J. Sleight

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Article by M. Thorburn & J. Pennington

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A documentary study edited by A. Noble, J. Pennington and J. Sleight

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J. Goring, J.Sleight, J.Turner, J.Pennington & J.Harvey

 Lives, Loves and Letters: The Goring Family of Wiston, Sussex, 1743-1905 (2017)

Private House History Commissions unpublished

Albourne Place: A History [Albourne, nr. Henfield, West Sussex] (1995)

Baffins Hall: A History of Baffins Lane Chapel, Chichester, Sussex (2000)

Causeway Cottage, 19 High Street, Steyning, West Sussex (2012)

Charlton House, 5 High Street, Steyning, Sussex: A History (1999)

Furzefield Cottage, formerly known as Culverhouse, Spithandle Lane, Ashurst, West Sussex: A short history (2006)

Nash Manor, Steyning: A History (2005)

Norton Court, Chart Sutton, Kent: A History (2000)

Old Timbers, 84 High Street, Steyning, West Sussex: The history of a house. This necessarily includes the neighbouring range of 86 High Street whose history is inextricably intertwined with that of Old Timbers (2004)

Rosemary Cottage, 14 Church Street, Steyning, West Sussex: A report on the documentary and building history of 14-16 Church Street, Steyning (2003)

Springwells Hotel, 9 High Street, Steyning, West Sussex: A History (1999)

Windsor Cottage(s), Formerly Known As Tillingtons, in Mouse Lane and Horsham Road, Steyning: A Short History of the known Owners and Occupiers (2005)

Private Pub History Commissions unpublished

The Swan Inn, Falmer, East Sussex (1996)

The Lamb Inn, Old Town, Eastbourne, East Sussex (1996-1998)

The Star Inn, Old Heathfield, East Sussex: A History (1998)

The Half Moon, Northchapel, West Sussex (1998)

Research by Dr Janet Pennington and Dr Annabelle Hughes for owners/tenants unpublished

The Chequer Inn, High Street, Steyning, West Sussex (1994)

80 High Street, Steyning (1994)

The Gun Inn, Findon, West Sussex (1997)

Chanctonbury Butchers, 51 High Street, Steyning, West Sussex (2004)

The Kings Head, Upper Beeding, West Sussex (2005)

Northfield Cottages, Kings Barns, Upper Beeding, West Sussex (2005)

The White Horse Inn, 23 High Street, Steyning, West Sussex (2005)

Woods Butchers, 42 High Street, Steyning, West Sussex (2006)

Janet Pennington Unpublished Dissertation and Theses

‘ “Things Unseen and Forgotten”: Farming Life in Two Sussex Downland Hamlets: Botolphs and Coombes, 1614-1757’, (unpublished dissertation for the Diploma in English Local History, 1982-1983 – Portsmouth Polytechnic [now University], Department of Historical and Literary Studies)

‘The Wiston Estate, Sussex: Crown Sequestration and Its Effects, 1596-1634’, (unpublished thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in Regional History, Humanities Department, Brighton Polytechnic [now University], December 1989)

‘The Inns and Taverns of Western Sussex, 1550-1700: A Regional Study of Their Architectural and Social History’, (unpublished PhD thesis completed as a requirement for a higher degree of the University of Southampton, January 2003)